Why Serbia

Why should you start your business in Serbia?

You will operate your bussiness at much lower cost and get ahead of your competition.

Low labor cost - Average gross monthly salary for qualified labor is around 500 EUR which is lower than anywhere in Europe. Compared to EU average, you could save more than 80% on labor cost

Low energy costs - Electricity, gas and other fuels are much less expensive in Serbia. According to EUROSTAT report, you could save more than 50% on energy costs, and more than 40% on transport services

Corporate taxes are much lower in Serbia than anywhere in Europe - 15%

Governmant incentives in Serbia will jump-start your bussiness in the first 10 years of operations by lowering the cost even more: For employment of as much as 1-9 people you’ll get 65% of reduction of taxes on net salaries, and if you invest more than 8m euros, you will not pay corporate tax at all for ten years.

You’ll be able to employ skilled and highly motivated labor.

Serbia is becoming famous for it’s highly quilified unimployed labor. Serbia had 43% unimployed rate umong youg people (under 30) and more than 21% of uninployed labor have university or coledge degree.

Language skills - Learning new languages is quite popular among young people. Elementary school and high school students (gymnasium) traditionally take two foreign language courses. 86% of Serbian students learn foreign languages throughout their education. Serbia was ranked 4th out of 76 non-english speaking countries in Business English proficiency by BussinesEnglishIndex.

You will utilize an optimal geographical location and accesss to HUGE market (1.1b people)

Serbia is the only country in the world outside od of former Soviet republics that has a free trade agreement with Russia. Also Serbia has free trade agreements with large number of countries and economic unions - you will have an oportunity for customs free export to 1.1 billion people

Serbia has optimal geographical location which will keep you close to your customers. You can access most european markets by road within 24 hours. And atop of that, Serbian airports are servicing more than 5million passengers with very short flights to all major european cities (1-3 hours)

Serbia tops the Greenfield FDI Performance Index 2019

All major financial and data institution recognize the enticing possibilities of investing in Serbia - Financial Times data division proclamed Serbia as the premier investment location of the world

Some of the largest companies in the world already took initiative and settled in Serbia:


Low labor cost

You could save more than 80% on labor cost


Corporate taxes - 15 %

65% of reduction of taxes on net salaries


free trade agreements

Free export to 1.1 billion people

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